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Good Read:Artisan Eatware: Handcrafted Ceramic

A happy collaboration with Design Indaba. And another beautiful creation, handcrafted ceramic eatware/cookware:

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After 20 years of making ceramic food dishes for her own use, designer Caroline Schulz Vieira felt it would be natural to take the next step and share with others the joy she experiences with handcrafted vessels as daily eatware. Now running a small pottery studio, Vieira focuses on the handmade aspects of pottery and the tactile joys of both making the vessel and then eating from it.

Handmade platters, plates, bowls, sushi plates and accessories, cups for espresso, coffee and tea are all manufactured entirely by hand in a variety of high-fired stonewares and in porcelain. All items are finished with various slips and glazes and fired to vitreous state, making them 100% waterproof, dishwasher safe, as well as freezer, fridge and oven safe.

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– High-gloss finish which makes it ideal for serving or simply displaying ceramic eatware

– Unlike copper, the ceramic surface does not corrode and needs no polishing.

– Glazed material is made to put up with direct heat from a stove burner, and can easily tolerate the heat from home or commercial-grade ovens.

– Resilience, versatility and good appearance of these handcrafted ceramic eatware/cookware

– From the heating process, other metals leech into your food, Ceramic will be a reasonably good choice for you.

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– Sourced from Design Indaba

Handmade. Heartmade.

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