Patachitra Bottles: Odisha

The word Patachitra is derived from the Sanskrit word “pata”, which means a painted piece of cloth, a picture, a tablet, a bottle or a plate; “chitra” means painting or picture. The tradition of making Patachitra paintings goes back to the 8th century AD. Patachitra today is a shining example of an age old tradition helping keep an old art form alive.

Patachitra is a style of paintings practiced among the tribal and indigenous people of Odisha. The artists, making these paintings usually do not have other sources of livelihood.


The canvas is skillfully made.

  • Cloth is bonded with gum made from powdered tamarind seeds, dried in the sun and burnished on both sides with a stone and subsequently with a smooth pebble.

  • The painted scrolls depict episodes from mythology and stories related to religious, mythological and folklore (such as Jagannath, Lord Krishna and stories from the Ramayana and Mahabarata).

  • Relying on natural elements for its colors and materials, Patachitra could be a symbolic of how painting and art can be practiced in complete harmony with nature, without the use of toxic paints and chemicals.

  • Painting done on the Glass Bottle is absolutely breathtaking. Images translate the tribal love towards nature. The fine detailing and delicate skills used by the artist makes this a great piece to add to your artistic collection.


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