Beat the Blues with Blue

There is a beautiful ‘Pink City’ in India which is known for its royal heritage. Straight up from this Pink City arises the art of ‘Blue Handicrafts’ which are made by the traditional artisans of the Jaipur city in Rajasthan. Jaipur is probably the most colourful city that we have come across an after witnessing the huge variety of this craft made here, we hardly doubt that fact.

(Courtesy: Jaipur Travel)

The ‘Blue Pottery’ is a widely recognised art of the Rajasthan culture, though it has Turko-Persian origins in history. The Blue Pottery is called so because of the beautiful striking blue dye used as a base colour for these crafts. The artisans use their hand-made dough which is then baked and glazed to give it that particular shine. The motifs are white in colour and this blue-white combination is absolutely eye-catching.

History speaks that this art has been learnt from foreign artisans because it has always been in our blood to keep learning new things and then give it a desi twist. Though the traditional colour combination is that of naturally obtained cobalt blue and white, unconventional colours such as peacock green, yellow and brown are also included to give it a more enhanced look.

(Courtesy: Pinterest )

(Courtesy: Pinterest)

They people from this land of royals loved bright colours and their personal belonging to be intricate and detailed which makes it all the more mesmerising. The most common crafts made from this technique involve small bowls, ashtrays, vases, coasters and small trinkets which look extremely adorable. Today, blue pottery is an industry that provides livelihood to many people in Jaipur. The traditional designs have been adapted, and now, apart from the usual urns, jars, pots and vases, you can find tea setscups and saucers, plates and glasses, jugs, ashtrays and napkin rings.

(Courtesy: Jaipur Arts)


(Courtesy: Jaipur Travel)

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