Dangling Peacock Zardozi

 embroidered earing cover

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Bright shimmering threads bordering a beautifully embroidered patch catch the eye from a distance. That’s the zest of embroidery as a whole. Mr. Anis Zariwala is practicing the art of zari work since 1970. His achievements list on and on when it comes to this art form. The journey of his work began at a small town called Hinganghat near Nagpur, Maharashtra. At present, this 65 year old has conceptualized to use zardozi patches as accessories to accentuate a woman’s elegance. He has transformed the art form of embroidery on fabric worn as dresses, sarees, shawls, etc. traditionally to eye-catchy earrings, necklaces, bracelets,etc. He and his sons plan to develop the taste of this artifact globally. His work at present focused around making Peacock- the national bird of India come alive from his work with zardozi.    


         collage Mr.Anis Zariwala                           

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original work from zardoziZari:the most opulent form of Indian embroidery known since the late 16th century was brought in India by the mighty Moghuls. The word Zardozi comes from the two Persian words ‘Zar’ which means gold and ‘Dozi’ which means embroidery. This form essentially uses metallic threads. Once upon a time, real gold and silver thread was used, on silk, brocade and velvet fabric. Metal ingots were melted and pressed through perforated steel sheets to convert into wires. The art form is affordable and appreciated by the niche of the people around the world.

Mr. Anis drove out women and children from the worst conditions and trained them to practise the art of zari. He and his team specialises in making embroidery patches, jewellery and thread paintings. He has shared the love for this art form by teaching as well as innovating. To many more Mr. Anis and team of women, we hope to tell their stories and cherish the art forms. Give us your views on our blog today, you can comment below.


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