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Somewhere in the heart of mega metropolitan lies a whimsical locale – an abode of all things rustic, charming and earthy.
The place has a calm reverb yet is filled with your typical chatter like that of a common marketplace although they seldom disrupt the calm of your mind. The sounds embrace your senses and revive the very instinct of art that is woven deep with your being. It’s the core of your identity, raw and profound. You often want to wander off to a place like this, tucked far away from the monotonous hum of the city buses and the mindless cacophony of the crowd. This place presents the very essence of human culture, untainted by routine commercialism.
Just a simple walk through the grounds and its colorful little stalls full of treasures makes one connect with their own sense of expressionism, the one that is subdued by routine – it gives you a sensory boost with its sights, smells and sounds and fulfills you as you find yourself in this corner of the city, only encased in the India’s bare soul.

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