Story of Loveknits

Loveknits is grassroots up initiative to bring good stuff into your life, from those who create it with love and care. These products exude warmth we crave as they are not machined into perfect clones but crafted with lots of care and attention to detail.

The products we deliver to your doorstep are handmade in all its honesty. Those who craft these most often struggle to make ends meet. This is our effort to give return some of that love back and bring about a systemic change in the lives of the artisans.

How we do it ?

This is why LoveKnits exists. We created LoveKnits to make a difference in the lives of local artisans by connecting them with the global economy that desire drives us to be a different kind of online marketplace. One with a focus on creating opportunities for all artisans. A place where you can buy cool stuff created with warmth & love of artisans who love what they do.  One that is not limited by technology but expanded by it. One that is motivated not by what is easy for us, but by what will be most meaningful for them. One that values not only our artisans’ crafts, but also their passion, their history and their culture.

Proust said: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” We are those who want to make a difference, focus their scarce resources among alternative projects and stress the value proposition.

The real social innovators think globally and act locally by measuring the impact on people’s live not only on GDP. The real social innovators are driven by the results and are made to serve humanity. In our case LoveKnits strips away barriers and opens the world market to everyone. It empowers local artisans and supports their craft on a larger platform.

We are encouraging use of sustainable
and eco-friendly handcrafted products.

We believe in consumption of
sustainable and eco-friendly products.

We are committed to deliver you
quality and eco-friendly handcrafted products.