Marvellous Marble Art

India was cradled by the Mughals for almost three centuries and more. They inculcated various Islamic and Persian traditions in India. Their reign was spread far across Northern, Western and Central parts of the then India, where in they left their mark and it still persists in the form of beautiful works of art and architecture. The Mughals were known for their immense love for marble and carving and from there raised the marble tile painting work which is in huge demand till date.

(Courtesy: Exotic Indian Art)


Originating from parts in Afghanistan to Lahore (present day Pakistan), to Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Agra and till Purani Dilli in India, there a mesmerizing works of such marble art which will catch your eye in an instant. Well, now you can’t build up a monument like Emperor Shahjahan did as a token of love for his wife, but you can definitely pick one of these and enhance the look of your space.

The artisans have mastered the art of drawing intricate and beautifully real looking figures and motifs, which speaks volumes about the tradition imbibed in them and the hard work of delicate hands that is required to give such detailing. They use portraits of queens and their vintage attires, timeless jewellery, kings and their royal poses, those embellished swords, elephants, horses, musical instruments and all the elements of the ancient royal era. Depictions of Radha-Krishna and other such religious works are also hand-crafted.

(Courtesy: Exotic Indian Art)

(Courtesy: Pinterest)

(Courtesy: Exotic Indian Art)

The colours, oh Good Lord! The colours used are bright and distinct and makes the entire work stand out and catch your eye. The outlines are made with golden paint and black dots are used to make it look more distinguished. Red and green being the favourite palettes of the royals, definitely dominates this range of handicrafts.

(Courtesy: Pinterest)


Talking about the technical pat, the work is done on a plate or a marble slab in square or rectangle shape, and it is not that huge in size. The size is just perfect enough to get noticed from far but at the same time, not too loud, which basically is a way of showing simplicity is sophistication. The setting, as in the way in which these marble plates or slabs are placed is another distinct feature. They are rested on a wooden pocket which balances the piece effectively, thus making it strong and durable.

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