Must-have handicraft pieces

With diversity that exist in India, the choices for Indian handicrafts are also wide enough and while we spent good amount on buying other items, we sometimes don’t realize how these handicrafts supports the livelihood of so many artisans in India and whatever they create has uniqueness and tons of hard work in it.

Handicrafts adds charm to the place or your wardrobe and it will not be wrong to compare it with diamonds that sets on a gold jewelry cast to make fine jewelry, they are like these precious diamonds for us and how one should always have few pieces of handicrafts that adorn their place.

This list helps you prioritize which handicraft pieces you should firstly welcome at home and how they can make you or your place look beautiful.


The very first item that you should definitely have are jutis. They are a traditional ornamented shoe with different fabrics and embellishments. They are a must for every girl who is obsessed with traditional clothes as they add the necessary spark to your outfit.

Though they are originally made of camel leather you can find jutis with other basic fabrics as well specifically in Jaipur and other parts of Rajasthan.

You can also pair up with western outfits to leave an image wherever you go. There designs, color and fabric use are marvelous and truly a fashion statement.


Another handicraft item are these beautiful sculptures in different sizes that you can easily keep in your living room or on your bed side table. With wide choices in the type of stone and design you can get one custom made specially for your house.

Sculptures are truly one of the most significant detail taken into consideration by designers and adds value to the space you place one.


Furniture also play a vital part in handicrafts, having antique qualities and finish they stand out at whichever space they are placed. These kind of furniture pieces will have some designs, detailing, ornamentation and reference to history while they are made but will always be the showstopper whenever any guests walk in at your place.

They maybe a small one but will never remain unnoticed between the other furniture items and will always have some uniqueness that you can never find anywhere else.


Another handicraft type that is a must have in every house is a rug. These artistic handworks depict a tale or simply has a pretty motif that can bring vibe to your place. With different color, size and design options they truly make the house well put together and may leave you with one flooded question: – Where did you buy it from?

And an extra benefit they are always a value for money as they run for a long time and are affordable!


Indian bandhej saree cloth fabric texture

Last but not the least is important must-have for your wardrobe. You can find normal outfits at any store but any traditional piece will be a rare find and will always remain timeless in your closet. Whether you buy a Bandhej, Gota Patti or Lehariya in either saree or suit you can surely rule the wedding season and with the current color choices it looks truly elegant and charming.

Accessories like potlis or earrings like jhumkas, kundan, lac bangles and all have been trendy and will always remain a classic in your wardrobe.

Buying handicrafts can be a confusing choice to make, but there are some pieces that should always be there at your place. They may have a good price but they will always be like an investment rather then expense. Remember to buy handicraft pieces that are rare and an uncommon finding with good quality as they will remain forever.

While every tourist is always attracted to them it is equally important for us to understand the gift of art, our country has been given and how it is our responsibility to always promote and adorn them in our places and wardrobes.

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