Jaipur handicrafts

Handicrafts are delicate and intricate pieces made to bring a necessary vibe and feel to your home, and while India has always been famous in handicrafts but one city rules the list which is Jaipur.

Jaipur, also famously known as the pink city of India, has always stayed attached to the heritage and royalty that existed there many civilizations ago and handicrafts of India still stands at the top for being used as ornamental pieces to bring vibes at home, and an element of fascination for every tourist who visits.

Created with utmost hard work and patience with an eye for minute details by the local artisans, the pieces reflect the heritage, rich diversity and culture that exist in India and how even the smallest item is a piece of artwork here. While there are various forms of handicrafts in India, Jaipur remains the king for handicraft collections and variety.  Here is a list of few original exquisite types of handicrafts you can find in Jaipur that will leave you awestruck with the details and its beauty.

Blue pottery:

This stands as the traditional handicraft form in Jaipur. With massive range of items created like ash trays, vases, coasters, bowls and frames using the famous cobalt blue dye mixed with a paste of various elements like fuller’s earth, powdered glass and quartz stone powder. These handicrafts typically have the color palette of usually blue and white.  But the intricate details in the pieces, the motifs created and the artisans creativity makes it stands as a very delicate handicraft item used as a decoration or for household purposes.

Lac bangles

Wooden bracelets in the street shop, Jaisalmer, India.

Lac bangles has always remained a very valuable part of Rajasthani jewelry. Lac is a resinous secretion of lac producing insects like Laccifer Lacca and many more. They stick on branches of trees an produce lac and later the lac branch is cut and harvested to make bangles.

Every Indian woman adorn themselves with jewelry of various kinds and lac bangles brins more richness and class to the women, showcasing great quality of craftsmanship they stand as lustrous detailed bangles for every women and girl around.


The puppets in Rajasthan are one of the most popular sources of entertainment in the state. The art of puppetry is practiced by a community of agricultural laborers of Rajasthan. The puppets are generally two feet in height having a wooden head with an enormous nose and large eyes. The rest of the body is made of colourful and bright pieces of cloth and stuffed rags which also allow for free movement.

When you visit Jaipur, you can’t surely miss the puppet show organized at various traditional restaurants and resorts. These puppets are shown wearing royal Rajput attire and dressed like one of them and attracts and fascinates almost every guest who visit here. You can also buy them to add a traditional touch in your home. Made out of wood with exact details of any man and woman these puppets have always swayed away the crowd and left with a smile on every face.


Indian bandhej saree cloth fabric texture

Jaipur is no less in the matter of textile handicrafts, bandhej stands as the most famous textile handicraft in Jaipur. This tie-dye cloth made by plucking the cloth with fingernails to make minute bindings to create a unique pattern has stand out with the procedure and technique. These sarees have been a must- have for every bride and you will find all women in India own at least one of them. The type of details and craftsmanship it requires in making is way beyond our imagination but the ready piece in the end will surely be a treat to your eye.


Beautiful color texture of handmade embroidered carpet, illuminated by the sun


When you know you have to buy a rug, all you got to do is visit Jaipur for the perfect piece to go with your home, handmade rugs with designs that are mesmerizing will surely make you buy one from here. The details and the work that goes beyond these rugs is what the quality of rugs in Jaipur and there is a definite guarantee that no piece will be exactly similar which makes you stand out in front of your guests. They may have folk characters, animals or plants drawn and creating a story that remains unique and bring the necessary vibe to your home.

Handicrafts have been an eye-catchy element even for local people and the skill these artisans have cannot be praised enough ever. Everything made by hand is what makes it more beautiful in the place where technology rules. The old city streets of Jaipur will make you wondering with the creativity and the kind of stuff these artisans can create reflecting the most-truest form of tradition and culture therefore these Jaipur handicrafts are a must in every household.

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