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The Candle Fable

I don’t know anyone who is not mesmerised by a flickering flame.”
– April Amstutz

Fire and Art were the biggest discoveries done by man’s hands and hugely successful one’s that still prevail to reinvent it every single day. Now that man has been so accustomed to electricity, we have obviously forgotten what a soothing effect does the burning of a candle give to the soul. The calming effect of candlelight can be a simple yet sacred tool to help reduce stress and increase self-awareness. It’s time we bring the tranquil and restorative light of candles back into our daily lives.



Geographically, Nainital has  mesmerizing landscape around the lake. With its deodars and ferns decorating the bare mountains, this place has a history of having a huge merchandise of scented candles which are decorated with real flowers imbibed in the wax. Now this makes the candles all the more desirable to have a seat in your home.

These candles come in variety of shapes. The most common being the vintage vase shaped and those that look like real barks of tress. The vintage one’s are of a single colour which are mostly of the pastel palette and have small, bright colored flowers and delicate leaves fixed in it. The look is absolutely gorgeous.


nain3     nain5

When it’s time for festivities, say around Diwali and Christmas, these candles take new shapes that set the festive mood just right. From Lord Ganesha’s idol shaped to Santa Clause’s and bell shaped, these make the festival all the more special. Not only this, shapes of fruits and little doll faces, decorative glass candles, chocolate candles are also made here. 3-D looking candles are the newest thing that turns eyes, is a part of their merchandise now.

Following pictures are from: www.bcmtourism.com and www.nainitaltourism.com )



nain10       nain11nain9

The most cherished gift of all is the light of faith and shot of motivation that we show for our loved ones. While that is something up to you, these candle manufacturers did something that would easily make the individual’s day with your well-wishes. The craftsmen introduced ‘message candles’ where-in a simple message such as “Thank you” or “All the best” or “congratulations” is written on the wax of the candle. Now that seems like a noble trade. Do you need more reason to buy the time-less and aromatic art of these artisans now?



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