Wooden Tie, Kolkata, West bengal

Foldable Wooden Tie!

A piece of art. A collectible and a piece of sheer creativity!


Kuber Sircar, a man of diverse interest and skills. He is a musician, an artist and a really good human being. Since his childhood he was always interested in doing something different or differently. Born on 7th July, 1933 at Chattagram, Bangladesh. His family was relocated to Lahore where they lived for 12 years till the partition. They came back to India and Kuber received his education in Lucknow. Being born to parents who were inclined to music Kuber inherited it and started playing the table, sitar and sarod at early age after which he started playing the mandolin. He has played for many years as a musician in the Bengali music circle and has also worked for Satyajit Ray.



After he retired in 1994 he came up with the idea of the Folding Wooden tie just for time pass in his superannuated life. He believes that more than talent, his patience has served him to excel in his artistic life. His room is filled with different intricate wooden sculptures.


The procedure of crafting the tie is a job which required both skill and patience.

The whole tie is first cut out from a piece of wood and polished to ensure smoothness.

Then the designs on the tie is skilfully crafted with utmost precision with special tools, some of which are custom made by Kuber himself.

Then the tie is cut into pieces into specific shape.

Then small holes are drilled on the side of the pieces which when assembled with another piece is held by a pin as a pivot. This makes the tie foldable.

Mr. Kuber Sarkar





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The artist DSC_0032 DSC_0034



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