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Ceramic Art: Kolkata

In Kolkata, we found a person who is passionate about living and creating. Loveknits is not only about the art but also about the artisans. Each craft has a story. Rather, everything we see has a story. Loveknits is about story telling. Ceramic Art is painting on ceramic a difficult and time taking art.

Her Story

Anita, a housewife and mother of two, lives with her husband, her daughter and a dog in one of the most posh areas of South Calcutta. She has always been keen towards art and craft. She has been painting on ceramic for the last 10 years as a hobby. She even used to gift them to her friends and family occasionally. The big idea of turning this into a business occurred to her when her daughters grew up and finally she was left with a lot of free time. It all started with her liking towards crockery. She was a frequenter in a crockery shop where the salesman seeing her interest and her admiration towards the art offered to bring her the materials required if she wills to try out her hand in the art-from. She agreed and since then began her journey. She usually paints on high quality bone china which are imported from Rajasthan and the colours are imported from Delhi. The colours come in the form of stones which needs to be grinded and mixed with a specific oil, as a medium, in order to paint on the ceramic body. The granulating nature of the paint makes it a very slow and difficult job to paint; the paint keeps on granulating at the tip of the brush making it difficult to draw lines. After the painting process has been done it is dried and sent to the furnace. Where on a specific temperature the ceramics are heated to make embed the colours on them.Her paintings are mainly floral as she is a believer in the symmetry of floral designs and their expressiveness.

DSC_0028.jpgCeramic MugsDSC_0038.jpg


DSC_0111.jpgDSC_0107.jpgMrs. Anita

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