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Patachitra Paintings: Midinipur, West Bengal


Traditionally, the Patachitra painters are known as ‘Chitrakars’ (Lit. Artists) .

Patta paintings are done on small strips of cotton cloth. The canvas is prepared by  coating the clothe with a mixture of chalk and gum, made from tamarind seeds.

– First, the initial lines are drawn. Usually the women members, prepare the glue, the canvas and apply colours.

– The mixture of gum and chalk gives the cloth’s surface a leathery finish on which the  artists paint with vegetable, earth and stone colours.

– The painters do not use pencil or charcoal for the line drawings. They are so  expert in the line that they simply draw directly with the brush either in light red or yellow.

– Then the colours are filled in. The final lines are drawn and the patta is given a lacquer  coating to protect it from weather, thus making the painting glossy.

– This process of glazing or varnishing is quite interesting. The painting is held over a  fireplace so that the back of the painting is exposed to heat. On the surface of the  painting fine lacquer is applied.


Loveknits wants you to meet a very talented artist!

We love the intricacy and the themes!

It is done with so much patience and focus.


Paintings by Anwar Chitrakar

These painting are mostly depicting stories or the deities :

Patachitra Painting  In Sanskrit, 'Pata' means Canvas and 'Chitra' means Painting

Patachitra Painting
In Sanskrit, ‘Pata’ means Canvas and ‘Chitra’ means Painting

Hindu Goddess: Maa Durga Sanskrit meaning: 'The Invincible'

Hindu Goddess: Maa Durga
Sanskrit meaning: ‘The Invincible’

Surrogate Mother

Hindu Goddess associated with 'Empowerment'

Hindu Goddess associated with ‘Empowerment’

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