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Branding Traditions

India is a country that has existed for years through its culture and traditions. It is through this that the identity of India and the Indians is formed. A country  almost 5500 years old , a country which has survived the outside invasions and is still joined together in spite of the diversity and formed a single nation, living in harmony.

Robert Peterson said “Design creates culture, culture shapes values , values determines the future.” It is due to the rich and deeply engraved values that we hold in our hearts that we still are able to enjoy our traditions and age old beliefs.

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India is a land which has got art belonging to every culture and tradition. Art in India is not just design but a way of life for the numerous Indian artisans who till date live in villages away from the cities and develop such a masterpiece that not even advanced technologies  can create. Their art surpasses the common mind and even the modern technology.

Today’s world is all plastic by this I mean everything in today’s world needs packaging. A good packaging would even at times disguise the ugliness of the product itself. We need to uplift our traditions not just by marketing it in a better way but by first respecting it and even valuing it.

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We have varied art in every state and city of our country but it is due to the competition with the western culture that our very own art is dying. Hence we should start branding traditions.  By branding traditions we make it ready for the competition and even help to fit in the modern lifestyles.

There are a number of people who are working toward doing this. There are professionals from every field who feel that by incorporating our traditional heritage into our daily lives we will make it simple yet interesting.


We have Mr. KARAN GROVER an architect by profession who has tried to incorporate our Indian traditions and culture into his work.

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He has started an initiative to build green homes with nature friendly technology. He is also promoting a lot of Indian handicrafts through exhibitions. Mr. Karan is known for his Eco-friendly green initiatives and as being an avid promoter of traditional Indian art in its purest form.

He had even curated an exhibition in 2012 on Kalamkari art form with national winning artists. It is through people like these that we are able to revive our art forms on a large scale.

Many artists are migrating from villages to cities in search of better opportunities due to lack of work. Karan Grover gave a lecture on timeless creations. He said that there are certain things that are timeless and last a century. All the art forms in India identify with certain place, class, time or a set of particular attitudes of a group of people. Although we are attracted to the western culture in some way or the other we gravitate to our own traditions. Hence he says that rather than giving up our art we should try and contemprorise it in the modern world and uplift it.

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It is through the efforts of people like him who are strongly engraved in Indian traditions that we are able to see the new India in its original form but with a twist. It’s like having our traditional vadapav with cheese!

“We at Loveknits have always tried to reinvent our traditional art to be able to present it proudly to our clients from India and Abroad, hence welcoming our customers to indulge themselves in the beautiful art from the land of traditions.”

– Team Loveknits

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