Site Art Space – Reinventing Origami

You must reminisce that particular day of school which had a class dedicated to ‘Art’, the way we were taught to turn a simple piece of colourful paper into a beautiful looking bird or animal with just few twists and folds, simply magical feels. These are some art forms that we will always cherish mainly because of the sugary memories attached to it.

Talking about Origami, it is an art associated with Japanese culture; Ori means folding and Kami means folding. Origami too has come a long way with artists around the world trying their hands at paper folding and making humongous as well as beautiful pieces of art, which keeps the Origami alive.


Reinvention of the existing art is the so called ‘modern art’ which makes the latter truly undying in nature. While Origami is literally an art of paper, we found out one team of unique artists among the normal ones. The Site Art Spaces design company has a very different take on Origami. Though they believe in the basic folding and twisting of Origami principles, instead of using paper, they use metal sheets. Now you can imagine what would the outcome turn out like, simply attractive.

The founders of Site Art Spaces basically have a background of technical engineering and finances, but their passion and their skills drove them towards making beautiful pieces of art to make your Home Décor a class apart. They inculcate ‘Art’ into waste metal sheets, fabricate them in colours if needed and make a spectacular piece, have a look here:



Set in the fast growing city of Gujarat, Vadodara, these founders and their team take ‘handicrafts’ to the next level. They have a stunning space to showcase their work which has been designed so aptly that you will instantly get hooked to the ‘reinvent’ vibes over there. From wall hanging to showpieces, small jewellery items to window hangings, they have a variety of products to choose from which are so unique that you will find your peers setting an eye on them instantly.



(All pictures are taken from Site Art Space website)

We at loveknits have brought to you the collection of these amazing artists on our website. We hope you indulge in these amazingly designed Home Décor items that will make your home look an edge over the others.

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