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World Sacred Spirit Festival: SUFI

Sufi is the path . Sufism is the way. Sufis are seekers.

Sufi: Sufism is the inner mystical dimension of Islam. Sufis believe it is possible to bring oneself close to God in the present life, as well as after death. Music plays a central role in the Sufi tradition and provides a valuable way of getting closer to God. Today whether it is being sung in devotion at a religious shrine, pumping out of a car radio, blasting out of a nightclub sound-system or is being danced to under the stars at a music festival, the Sufi sound is alive and kicking across the globe.

Read more about the festival in the earlier post!

This blog entry is all about trying to create and introduce you to the world that I was in a few weeks back!


Though I can’t even come close to that experience, the aura cannot be recreated. It has to be felt!

Do ket us know if you are planning to go or if you too attended, we would love to know your experience.

Audio Files:

Dawn Devotional at jaswant Thada Memorial (morning 7 am)


Pt. Kushal Das , Sitar at Lake Ranisar


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