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Durrie making: Alwar, Rajasthan

Women in Alwar, Rajasthan are talented and very resourceful.

When they buy new clothes they don’t discard the old ones they re-use it. And that is where durrie making came from. These old clothes were used to make thick Durries (rugs) for the daily use floor coverings. It could be use as carpets, temporary seating or just to brighten up a room and make a comfy seating arrangement in a room. They are sturdy and colorful can can have beautiful patterns. They can be made on Horizontal or Vertical Looms. And are a part of the Indian houses for a very long time!

Durries are not exactly rugs and carpets, but since it’s use for the same purpose. It is widely known as Durries/Dhurries

A beautiful process. Beautiful pieces. Its like a painting in itself.

durri1 durri2 durri3 durri4 durri5 durri6



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