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Woolen Baskets: Alwar, Rajasthan

Woolen Baskets

In old times all women in rural areas used to make baskets locally called as Changeri
with grass and date leaves and lots of love and passion. Usually they made
2-3 per year to keep chapattis(Indian Bread) fresh in them and at times a few more to gift it to
their daughters in there marriage. Slowly date plants became rare in number due to
massive cutting, grazing and not planting them again. And hence,
that craft took an interesting turn and wool became the material.
This woman named, Tej Kaur , belongs to the Sardar community has only this
craft as her source of earning.
In Alwar, we have huge number of Sardar community who originally came
here during Bharat (India)– Pakistan partition.

woolen1 woolen2 woolen3 woolen4


The warmth and the that smile makes this product unique. Those patterns and the colors can make any day a bright, happy day!

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