Educational Aids, for Kids (1-5 yrs)

Educational Aid for Kids: Loveknits

Our Educational aids are inspired by the highly effective Montessori Method of teaching which are judiciously hand-crafted using natural materials which make our products unique in their fabrication. All kits are accompanied by an in-depth user/training manual that provides teachers and facilitators a complete understanding of the products and their subsequent usage.

As a part of our existing range, the Educational Aids cover the

So now you can find best quality educational toys easily.

following areas of learning

Explore talent in your students by engaging them with our educationa aids, for example our Cube Tower will introduce the concept of dimensions through both sight and touch, this awareness of dimensions will lead to abstract awareness of size and so on. By working and manipulating the cubes the child will hone motor skills, co-ordination of movement and learn the concept of order.

We also have sound boxes which are especially designed to enhance and stimulate the childs listening skills. They further act as a foundation for the usage of sand paper alphabets as the child is supposed to listen to the sounds of the alphabet to form words.

We also a fabric box which contains a combination of 8 different types of fabric swatches. These swatches help the children to distinguish different types of fabrics by using tactile sense and later to know the names of these fabrics. It also makes children aware of diffrent types of textures.
Sandy Alphabets as a product has been created to help children with
– To help the child associate the sounds of speech with their written symbols.
– To develop visual and tactile perception of letters.
– To foster visual memory.
– To prepare the child for reading and writing.


Sandy numerals provide a foundation for number writing in children. sandpaper makes the process of tracking out the numbers both more interesting to the child and more effective in absorbing the mental image of the number.

Spindle box is aimed at reinforcing the child’s understanding of number names (0to9). numberals and quantities. it also aims at introducing the number and the concept of the number ‘0’.

It is also used to teach simple mathematics cocepts like addition and subtraction.



Practical Life
Lacing beads as a product have been created to help children with
– To build and improve finger dexterity skills.
– To build and improve motor skills.
– To aid in colour / number grouping.
Stitching Board as a product has been created to help children with
-The activity encourages children to build concentration (also encouraging the child
to complete every task with patience)
-It helps children build small muscular co-ordination
-It supports children in understanding probability of different kinds of pattern making
-It urges children to come up with their own patterns


Our educational aids are not a replic a of Montessory educational aids. They are based on the montessory principles, but differ from the standard montessory aids in terms of physical aspects.
These educational aids are NOT TOYS and should be used only under adult guidance and supervision.


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