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A day at Delhi Haat aka Dilli Haat

Where we define what India is. Probably a part of it. An angle. A style. A way. A fashion. Or something.

Delhi Haat located in the commercial centres of Delhi, opposite I.N.A Market. In all, Dilli Haat, INA Market has 62 stalls allotted on a rotational basis to craftsmen a payment of INR 100 per day for a maximum period of 15 Days. The Dillihaat, is an open aircraft bazaar cum food plazasituated in Delhiand run by Delhi tourism and transportation development corporation (DTTDC).


What to expect?

Authentic Crafts from all over India.

From Tribal Products of Andhra Pradesh to Shawls from Kashmir and Pearls from Hyderabad. You name it and this place has it!

We at loveknits love going to a place which has this energy. A place where food and craft from all states come together. What it takes, is just a 20Rs. entry fee.



I have been going to this place for so many years, the placement of the stall changes, the layout changes; but what remains is that feeling when you enter. The idea that you are in one place that can give you the best of an entire country. I keep thinking about why this is getting lost, the whole handicraft, why is it so difficult to showcase and tell the stories of those thousand artisans who work and carve pieces that we probably could only look at and wonder how they do it. The positivity of this place, when you pass each food stall the way they try to get your attention and to draw you to their respective food stall. The way they try and serve you. It is when you go and see the love for what they are doing.


Talking to an artisan selling Madhubani Painting, Bihar, when he said even though we love what we do. Our kids don’t want to do it anymore. They wanna grow big and earn money. And I thought to myself, they have what the world needs.

All the money in this world can’t get what they have.


Loveknits wants to be a small part in bringing these good stuff to your home directly.

Be a part of our initiative!

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