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Miniature Painting : Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Miniature Paintings

Paintings that are so small, that you need a magnifying glass to see the detail and the depth of everything. The intricacy is so beautiful and breathtaking!

Mughal painting represented a fusion of the Persian miniature with older Indian traditions, and from the 17th century its style was diffused across Indian princely courts of all religions, each developing a local style.

The earliest examples of miniature painting in India exist in the form of illustrations to the religious texts on Buddhism executed under the Palas of the eastern India and the Jain texts executed in western India during the 11th-12th centuries A.D.

The origin of the Mughal School of Painting is considered to be a landmark in the history of painting in India. With the establishment of the Mughal empire, the Mughal School of painting originated in the reign of Akbar in 1560 A.D. Emperor Akbar was keenly interested in the art of painting and architecture. While a boy he had taken lessons in drawing. In the beginning of his rule an ateliar of painting was established under the supervision of two Persian masters, Mir Sayyed Ali and Abdul Samad Khan, who were originally employed by his father Humayun. A large number of Indian artists from all over India were recruited to work under the Persian masters.

The Mughal style evolved as a result of a happy synthesis of the indigenous Indian style of painting and the Safavid school of Persian painting. The Mughal style is marked by supple naturalism based on close observation of nature and fine and delicate drawing. It is of an high aesthetic merit. It is primarily aristocratic and secular.

So loveknits team went to Dilli Haat a.k.a Delhi Haat (Read ‘Visit to Delhi Haat’) to know more about the place! And we met artists who were keen to show how talented they were. And we loved how he painted my nail in less than 5 minutes. He started using poster colors and a 0 size brush, painted a cute detailed intricate elephant.

Proves talent?

miniature painter, Delhi Haat

nail art

nail art: Miniature painting, on nail!

True Talent: Miniature Painting, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

True Talent: Miniature Painting, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The complete look: Elephant!

I love Elephants! The complete Look. In less than 5 minutes!

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